(About Us)

At Laughter On Call, we believe in the power of comedy to help bring people together – especially in tough circumstances. Our hilarious and compassionate team members are focused on helping people enjoy a better quality of life.

Dani Klein Modisett founded Laughter On Call after witnessing first-hand the positive effect working with a comedian had on her mother after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Dani has been working as a comedian for over 20 years. With her shows, books and teaching, she has brought laughter to the biggest changes and challenges in our lives—marriage, parenting and now senior care. Learn more about Dani.

The Laughter On Call Team is made up of experienced comedians, eager to create connection, one laugh at a time. Each professionally-trained comedian on our team brings his or her unique talents to running workshops or engaging one on one with people who feel isolated, either due to illness or quarantine. For the team, it’s an opportunity to share a craft we love in a way that truly helps and to build relationships with all of our clients. Whether working one-on-one to create connection with a senior, or with corporate teams who want to feel a sense of belonging, psychological safety, and inclusion, all our programs meet these goals with compassion and shared laughter. Meet some members of the Laughter On Call Team.


“Three years ago, I hired a comedian to help my mother who was feeling depressed and isolated due to Alzheimer’s. That relationship changed the quality of my mother’s life. She began eating again, singing and of course, laughing. I knew this service had to be everywhere. Then, six months ago I had that same thought again. After COVID hit, Laughter On Call started running ZOOM laughter workshops daily. For the past 120 sessions, Monday-Friday, between 10 and 30 folks show up for the chance to relieve stress and connect with people from around the country through laughter. We start with posing a fun, personal question everyone answers, and then play Improv games, learn a comedy tool, and everyone leaves feeling less alone and more connected. Within a month, I knew these sessions could help people everywhere, which is exactly what we plan to do!”
-Dani Klein Modisett


Laughter On Call is always open to meeting and hiring experienced compassionate comedians to provide comedy care for seniors and experienced Improv teachers for our corporate work across the U.S. Connect with us to learn more about joining the team.