Whether you choose our half hour LAUGHTER GYM program, modeled after our successful post-COVID Lunchtime Laughter series, or our training workshops, we guarantee you will feel better in mind, body and spirit after participating.

Laughter On Call has been making the toughest audience laugh – people facing Alzheimer’s disease – for two years. We are experts at how to create laughter and connection under stress. Which are great skills to have now, when most of us are feeling isolated and uncertain. Whether you choose our half hour LAUGHTER GYM program, modeled after our successful post-COVID Lunchtime Laughter series, or our more comprehensive LAUGHTER TRAINING WORKSHOPS, we guarantee you will feel better in mind, body and spirit after participating. Our unique blend of Improv games to awaken your imagination, Stand up tools that invite you to tell the truth, and our specific physical and vocal exercises, will not only relieve some tension, but also foster creativity and give you a sense of belonging. If you are interested in our training for your corporate teams, we will customize a plan for your business that understands the value of psychological safety and inclusion because we feel passionately that a team that laughs together achieves together, even on ZOOM.

“Vulnerability and authenticity are vital to being a great leader, what better way is there to share this than with humor. Dani’s work with our associates has proven to be valuable in building those teams who not only provide care but care about our residents who are living with dementia. In addition, it has been transformational for the associates to see not only how our residents respond to the work of Laughter On Call but its lasting effect.”

Kathy Greene | retired Senior Vice President, Program and Services Integration, Silverado Senior Communities


We talk a lot about creating courage to face life’s toughest moments, one laugh at a time. For a few years now we’ve been able to bring our talent and skills to the hardest audience we know – those with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers. In a post-COVID 19 world, most of us need more courage than ever. Never has the gift of a change of perspective, comic relief and the connection that shared laughter delivers felt more valuable.

Laughter On Call is locked and loaded to help you. With programs ranging from our already popular Lunchtime Laughter, to laughter training for your business teams, healthcare staff and families, we know just how to guide you through exercises, games and storytelling where the only goal is laughing out loud, where there are no wrong answers, only connection to each other and heartwarming relief.



Taking key tools from both Improv comedy and Stand Up, Laughter On Call’s approach encourages people – through games and exercises- to express themselves authentically and to free their imagination. We create a respectful space and make a point of distinguishing between laughing at people, which is not allowed, and laughing with people, which we celebrate.



Do you have a class clown on your hands with nowhere to express their unique comic perspective? Do they have a favorite comic and are ready to write and tell jokes like them? Maybe collaborating with a group and learning some improv skills is more their jam? Our experienced staff has been teaching comedy to kids, all done with compassion, joy and fun! NO PARENTS ALLOWED. 🙂



COVID has made bringing activities to seniors a challenge, let us help. How about memoir class with a professional writer, giving your residents the chance to record the greatest moments of their lives? Or, if making people laugh is more interesting to them, we also offer a Stand up class to rant and rave. All classes end with a virtual performance for friends and family!

“Laughter On Call’s approach is so accessible and brings caregivers and loved ones living with Alzheimer’s together in a way that we need more of, especially now. They give us simple reminders like breathing, along with new tools like improv to help create such an important connection and shared experience of laughter.”

Lauren Miller Rogen | Founder, Hilarity for Charity