Something unexpected? Do they mean like a pandemic? Historic protests for social justice? Wearing masks to buy popsicles this summer? Drum roll please: Laughter On Call to the rescue!


After two years successfully bringing laughter to the toughest audience we know, those facing Alzheimer’s disease, we can’t wait to bring relief and connection to everyone. Check out our new services below, all available on ZOOM, all guaranteed to get the blood flowing and get you or your team or your children laughing ASAP!

“Laughter serves to create and strengthen social bonds in humans—as well as in our chimp ancestors. One evolutionary theory claims that laughter first emerged in these ancestors as a response to signal safety and relief to others after something unexpected occurs.”

Great Good Magazine 2019


At Laughter On Call we have seen the benefit our work, (more like play!), has had and are eager to bring it to your leadership and corporate teams to create exactly what we all need right now: connection, a feeling of belonging and some honest to goodness stress relief. Contact us now to learn how we can customize a virtual or in-person workshop for your business or corporation.

“Laughter relieves stress and boredom, boosts engagement and well-being, and spurs not only creativity and collaboration but also analytic precision and productivity.”
Harvard Business Review, 5/2014


I’m a mother of two boys or should I say “boyz,” so I get it! This quarantine has challenged us all. Now it’s summer and depending on where you live, you need ways to engage your kidz. Fortunately, at Laughter On Call, we are bringing our programs to the newest toughest audience, children stuck at home. These hour long sessions held on ZOOM will be interactive, energizing and in a word, fun! Contact us for start dates and workshop rates.


You’re not a kid and you’re not a corporation. BUT you are a person who has been quarantined for three months and is desperate to have some fun without risking your life. Dramatic, maybe, but we at Laughter On Call understand. We have been running our hilarious and heartwarming Lunchtime Laughter sessions since March and having a blast. Join us daily from 12-12:30 PST!


Please email us to register.

“Laughter On Call created a training series for HFC to bring to our family caregivers during the COVID-19 crisis.  Every week, we bring caregivers together and provide them with Laughter On Call’s unique approach. It is great to see so many caregivers connect with laughter!”

Alexandra Villano, Senior Director of Program Development & Strategy
Hilarity for Charity