Elevating Workplaces with Levity

Perfect for your ongoing team-building programs, milestone celebrations, innovative L&D, and morale-boosting company retreats!

Happier Hour:

Team Building & Connection

  • Unifying teams with laughter, energy, stress relief and trust
  • Engagement is celebrated and fostered in a warm, connected environment
  • Boosts morale and teamwork across roles, departments, personality types, and generations


Interactive Skill Development

  • TedX style topical webinars for team-building, wellness initiative, and learning & development
  • Participation encouraged on volunteer basis
  • Flexible drop-in format for those who want to observe
  • Instills skills, concepts and connection at scale (+laughs)

Leveraging Levity:

Performance Coaching

  • Goal-specific skill development using effective exercises grounded in Improv
  • Personal attention within collaborative peer groups, with added effect of boosting camaraderie and morale
  • Focus on improving communication skills with modules specifically addressing challenging roles and needs

Special Events

Retreats & Conferences

Bringing your people together to bond and strategize? Laughter On Call’s Improv-based workshops and training ground the experience in memorable, joyful connection. Whether for a kick-off, or an in-depth experience of highly interactive Improv-based learning, our comedian facilitators use their affiliative laughter approach creating a safe space for innovation, connection and shared laughter.

  • Any size group (from 5-5000), perfect for kickoffs all the way through all-day programming
  • Custom to you - for team-building, energizing kickoffs, innovative learning & development, and DEI/wellness
  • Also available: Stand-up for presentations and Personal Story workshops 


  • Laughter’s Transformative Power on Human Connection and Company Culture
  • Creating Core Connections Across Generations, Cultures, and Teams
  • Wellness - Social Health is Mental Health and Fostering Community In Companies