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Here at Laughter On Call, we take the business of spreading laughter very seriously. We are the only comedy company with roots in mental wellness, created to help those feeling isolated facing Alzheimer's disease. Everything we do nurtures and celebrates human connection resulting in higher productivity.

Since 2018, over 20,000 employees have laughed with us—totaling 27,600 minutes of laughter shared!

We have made over 500 unique companies laugh out loud, including Microsoft, Amazon, Uber, Unilever, and LinkedIn!

Comedy designed to uplift, never to make fun of others, always combining humor with compassion.

Relevant comedy tools for creating a culture of levity, including specific training for healthcare workers.

Look Who’s Laughing With Us!

What’s All This Laughter for?

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“…research shows that humor is one of the most powerful tools we have for accomplishing serious work.”

Jennifer Aaker,

Stanford Graduate School of Business

"When we laugh, our brain releases dopamine — a neurotransmitter that creates a sense of euphoria. Dopamine can enhance learning, motivation, and attention. Laughter is also associated with higher motivation and productivity at work."

Harvard Business Review

“Humor is the most natural and cost-free method of reducing stress, anxiety, and tension while also improving an individual’s physical and mental health as well as enhancing a positive world view.”

Forbes Magazine

“...thank you for curating such a memorable, informative, and FUN experience!It hit all the marks for our goals with the Renewal Memory Institute: dynamic, interactive, and actionable. I know our Care Partners will carry the many pearls of wisdom you shared with their clients.”

Corey Bliss - Partnerships Director - Renewal Memory Partners


Is this a stand-up show?

No! We are an interactive comedy show!

Can I customize my event?

Yes! All of our sessions are customized to meet the needs of the client!

What does it cost?

Fees vary depending on the number of people participating and the level of training.

Do you have the capacity for in-person events?

Yes! Reach out so we can figure out what fits in with your budget.

Can we incorporate LOC into a larger event?

Yes! We love to be part of sales kick-offs, end-of-year celebrations, learning and development conferences, and all conferences!

Is this for carepartners or the elderly themselves?

We have services for both. We have training, Happier Hours for carepartners, one-on-one options, and group interactive storytelling for the elderly.

My parent/loved one tends to be very angry or upset. How will this work for them?

We incorporate music, pictures, dance, and physical comedy. We also use an intake form to know exactly who they are and what they like or dislike. We validate their feelings. We don't tell them they are wrong and don't shame them ever. We always meet them where they are.

People We’ve Made Laugh!

“...thank you for curating such a memorable, informative, and FUN experience! It hit all the marks for our goals with the Renewal Memory Institute: dynamic, interactive, and actionable. I know our Care Partners will carry the many pearls of wisdom you shared with their clients.”
Corey Bliss
Partnerships Director | Renewal Memory Partners
“LOC helped add levity to a really tough year and lifted our team's spirits during a stressful, all-hands-on-deck few months. The LOC team was fun, professional and made people feel safe to bring their whole selves through "laughing with you, not at you." They modelled every silly thing with such gusto that it was hard not to join in and have a laugh! Thank you, LOC for bringing us back to our silly selves!”
Venessa Muzzo
People Manager | Delphia
“It’s been a challenging time in so many ways but the 30 minutes our team spent with Laughter on Call made that all melt away. It was so wonderful to see our team smiling and laughing and having fun together. So rejuvenating and spirit-lifting!"
Deborah Liben
Executive Director, Assistant General Counsel | Bristol Meyers Squibb
"Thank you very much for leading the Laughter Gym today. It was a fantastic way to break the ice and inject a bit of fun. I personally enjoyed it and got to know my teammates on a more personal level. It energized the team and helped produce a high level of engagement through the rest of the afternoon."
Reggie Bauzon
Director, Program Management | San Francisco, CA
"We all had a great time and came out of it less stressed and more connected as a team."
Teresa Snow
APR, Executive Director, Strategic Communications & Media Relations | University of Missouri Health Care
“The Laughter on Call 'Happier Hour' Event was the perfect, virtual team bonding event for our group. We laughed (a lot!) and got to know our coworkers in a fun and relaxed setting, thanks to the hilarious hosts who made everyone feel comfortable!”
Jillian Bjorn-Caron
Business Recruiter | Wayfair
“We were looking for something that would get everyone engaged since zoom calls can be awkward and it worked out great! Everyone on the team opened up and interacted forging a bond between us all.”
Juhi Pikale
Director of Paid Social | TechStyle Fashion Group
“There is nothing better than a Happier Hour hosted by Laughter on Call right now. We all know that after spending hours on Zoom a day, the last thing we want to do is gather for a forced happy hour with colleagues. BUT THIS IS DIFFERENT! We hosted a staff Happier Hour on a Friday afternoon to kick off the weekend and it was a big hit. Our team has been finding it difficult to connect and build deeper relationships in this new virtual environment. Happier Hour allowed us to see just a bit more into our colleagues’ personalities when we’re not just focused on work. I would recommend for any teams seeking some good plain fun and goofiness.”
Stephanie Brooks
Outreach Coordinator | No Labels
"My work teams have been in a rut endless and repetitive team huddles and virtual hang outs to stay connected. Attendance and engagement have been plummeting. We invited the Laughter on Call team to host our latest team get together and it was fantastic! Everyone on my team got involved and I saw some smiles and personality quirks that I had not seen in a long time! It was just so much fun and a huge morale boost for the team. As soon as it ended people were asking when we can have another one!"
Mark Bower
Director, Consulting, Digital Lighthouse | KPMG LLP
"An hour of silliness and laughter to melt the stress away!"
Allison Colantuoni, PHR, SHRM-CP
Director of Human Resources/Sr. Principal

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