In 2018, after noticing that her mother had become depressed facing Alzheimer’s, our founder and CEO Dani Klein Modisett had the idea to hire a professional comedian to cheer her up. And it worked! The quality of the end of her mother’s life was transformed, thanks to the connection that was created through laughter. Her mother started eating again, joining in with her community, even singing. Modisett sensed that this breakthrough would serve others. She wrote an article about the experience for AARP, and received hundreds of requests to connect comedians to loved ones around the world who were feeling isolated by Alzheimer’s. This inspired her to launch Laughter On Call, initially pairing comedians with Alzheimer’s patients and quickly expanding to training for healthcare workers and families in simple comedian’s tools to help mitigate feelings of isolation. Then COVID-19 hit and the whole world became isolated. Modisett had another light-bulb moment. Using the comedy prompts and Improv skills they relied on, she and her team developed virtual programming to give people around the world the comic relief they were craving.
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In the past six months, we have facilitated over 200 events for Fortune 500 companies, mid-size businesses, universities, healthcare workers, and families around the world. By using humor, embracing vulnerability, and encouraging inclusivity and interactivity, all of our sessions deliver the much-needed feeling of belonging. Our programs are run by a diverse group of professional comedians who make the distinction between “laughing with” and “laughing at.” We use affiliative humor, proven to bring people together, lend perspective, and introduce levity to any situation. As Modisett noted in a recent Wall St. Journal article,

“Don’t be too dark or too harsh. Everyone’s feeling vulnerable these days. The kind of court jester right now is to be sensitive.”


As the “sensitive” comedy company, we don’t exploit vulnerability or engage with sarcasm. We’re committed to boosting morale and fostering inclusive environments, helping your team create a strong and healthy foundation for freeing creativity and increasing productivity.


Laughter On Call is currently being used as a case study for Harvard Business School where Modisett has also been a guest lecturer. In May, she will be speaking at The Stanford Graduate School of Business at “Humor, Serious Business,” course taught by Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas, authors of the bestselling book by the same name.
For more information on what we do and how we do it, check out the video below!



“The Laughter on Call 'Happier Hour' Event was the perfect, virtual team bonding event for our group. We laughed (a lot!) and got to know our coworkers in a fun and relaxed setting, thanks to the hilarious hosts who made everyone feel comfortable!”

Jillian Bjorn-Caron | Business Recruiter | Wayfair

“It’s been a challenging time in so many ways but the 30 minutes our team spent with Laughter on Call made that all melt away.  It was so wonderful to see our team smiling and laughing and having fun together.  So rejuvenating and spirit-lifting!"

Deborah Liben | Executive Director, Assistant General Counsel | Bristol Meyers Squibb

"Thank you very much for leading the Laughter Gym today. It was a fantastic way to break the ice and inject a bit of fun. I personally enjoyed it and got to know my teammates on a more personal level. It energized the team and helped produce a high level of engagement through the rest of the afternoon."

Reggie Bauzon | Director, Program Management | San Francisco, CA

“LOC helped add levity to a really tough year and lifted our team's spirits during a stressful, all-hands-on-deck few months. The LOC team was fun, professional and made people feel safe to bring their whole selves through "laughing with you, not at you." They modelled every silly thing with such gusto that it was hard not to join in and have a laugh! Thank you, LOC for bringing us back to our silly selves!”

Venessa Muzzo | People Manager | Delphia

“My work teams have been in a rut endless and repetitive team huddles and virtual hang outs to stay connected.  Attendance and engagement have been plummeting.  We invited the Laughter on Call team to host our latest team get together and it was fantastic!  Everyone on my team got involved and I saw some smiles and personality quirks that I had not seen in a long time!  It was just so much fun and a huge morale boost for the team.  As soon as it ended people were asking when we can have another one!”

Mark Bower | Director, Consulting, Digital Lighthouse | KPMG LLP

“An hour of silliness and laughter to melt the stress away!”

Allison Colantuoni, PHR, SHRM-CP | Director of Human Resources/Sr. Principal

“We all had a great time and came out of it less stressed and more connected as a team.” 

Teresa Snow | APR, Executive Director, Strategic Communications & Media Relations | University of Missouri Health Care

“There is nothing better than a Happier Hour hosted by Laughter on Call right now. We all know that after spending hours on Zoom a day, the last thing we want to do is gather for a forced happy hour with colleagues. BUT THIS IS DIFFERENT! We hosted a staff Happier Hour on a Friday afternoon to kick off the weekend and it was a big hit. Our team has been finding it difficult to connect and build deeper relationships in this new virtual environment. Happier Hour allowed us to see just a bit more into our colleagues’ personalities when we’re not just focused on work. I would recommend for any teams seeking some good plain fun and goofiness.”

Stephanie Brooks | Outreach Coordinator | No Labels

“We were looking for something that would get everyone engaged since zoom calls can be awkward and it worked out great! Everyone on the team opened up and interacted forging a bond between us all.”

Juhi Pikale | Director of Paid Social | TechStyle Fashion Group



Thank you Raelynn Douglas, Executive Director of the Ministry of Health for the Government of Saskatchewan for singing our praises, and proving that we fulfilled our mission to unite teams and promote a culture of mental wellness in the workplace! Our goal is always to watch those black squares disappear and see everyone's faces! 😊#laughter #mentalhealth #laughteroncall #workplacewellness ... See MoreSee Less

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More scientific evidence of the benefits of laughter? Sign us up! ... See MoreSee Less

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