Kidding Aside, We Need to F’ing Laugh

January 19, 2024

Snowstorms, below freezing temperatures, horrifying news stories, the fact is if we’re going to truly make this a “happy” new year, we have to be proactive about our laughter. Fortunately, it’s a very cool time for TV comedy. Here’s a handy list if you want to pop some corn, throw in some Raisinets and escape this weekend.

  1. Pete Holmes I Am Not for Everyone - with references to Cool Ranch Doritos and faith, this guy should be the spokesperson for Laughter On Call. Literally described as “feel good comedy.” Nothing cynical and I laughed out loud. 
  2. Beef - referred to as a dramedy, I’m not saying I fell off my chair guffawing, but Ali Wong and Steven Yuen are bringing it! Masterfully done on every level. 
  3. Abbott Elementary - okay this is starting to read like an Emmy review, but I can’t let that stop me from saying “yes…and” to this show - wacky characters with heart, and my kids made it through LAUSD so I love it even more. 
  4. Bad Sisters - when I grow up I want to be Sharon Horgan. Except oops, she’s younger than me. And so talented. If you have a sister, or know sisters, this is riveting.
  5. The Other Two - Helene York, who I didn’t know before this show, and Molly Shannon who I love are just two of the reasons to tune in. A gifted cast, it’s York’s id-first Brooke who consistently makes me laugh. Everyone here is always trying very hard and it’s cathartic to watch them continually slam themselves into walls. 

At Laughter On Call, our first choice for self-care is always going to be laughing with another human being. But our second choice is always going to be laughing, period. With the zillions of streaming options, raising our serotonin levels and getting the endorphin hits we need to carry us through these winter months. Don't just close the drapes and pull the covers over your face. Leave a space for your eyes and ears and let talented professionals tickle your funny bone.