We’re never gettin’ younger, so I’m gonna have some fun...

December 15, 2023

This title of this post is a quote from P!nk's latest hit. That is what it’s come down to for me, quoting pop songs. I was on a spin bike in the dark this week, hiding from the news when her new song, “I’m Never Gonna Not Dance Again,” came on. Leaving class I had to sit down and find it. Maybe you’ve heard it already and I’m late to the party. If not, here’s the link. From the opening frame of the video for it - a kid in sheer bliss eating an ice cream sandwich, to the song’s lyric referenced above, to the cross section of generations featured - I love every frame.

If you’ve been around LOC the last five years, you’ve probably noticed how important dancing is to me. Exhibit A. I try to put some kind of physical movement in everything Laughter On Call does. As we expand into more in-depth training using shared laughter and Improv based exercises to help create work cultures where people want to come to work, my love of dance has become a point of contention for some. I get it, very few want to twerk with their boss an arm’s length away. Watching Pink’s video all the way through, it’s clear to me that what goes on as she turns a store into a rave that blows out the electricity, some version of this is exactly what businesses fear will happen if you let dance in to the workplace. For the record, dance with us is absolutely optional.

In the context of work, the John Lithgow from “Footloose,” putting forth a no-dance policy for a company is not a puritan. They are preserving order and paying attention to R.O.I. Because what if we get people dancing and they never, ever, ever stop?

But, it’s hard out there right now. And there’s something about putting on a song that moves you and…moving. Taking some deep breaths, having your body respond to a rhythm, and accessing a little tension relief.

What better time to give yourself this gift than the holiday season? There’s a lot to be upset about. Hanukkah Harry, justifiably, has not had the same zip in his step. There’s a war in the Middle East with no end in sight and enraged protests worldwide. Other than giving support to the people we care about, what do we do to stay the course? For some of us, it’s what we have always done.

Turn to the artists. Hitch our anxious wagons to their outrageous, soothing, fierce, blood-pumping, life affirming creations. Whatever that means for you. And if you pass a woman in a hoodie with ear buds, belting out, I’m never gonna not dance again!” that’ll be me.