The Office Michael Scott? Why You Need an Outsider Pro to Loosen Things Up at Work!

Great managers bring out the best in their team. Laughter on call brings out the best in individuals.  Picture this: a workplace where bosses strive to create a fun and engaging environment, only to find that their efforts fall flat. Let's face it—bosses, though essential, may not always be the epitome of fun - even Michael Scott!  

But fear not! Enter Laughter on Call, the outsider pros who can transform your workplace dynamics and infuse it with levity and camaraderie. Laughter on Call fosters a workplace environment where genuine connections and shared stories become the norm. In this blog, we'll explore how Laughter on Call can break through the formalities, cut through the hierarchy, and create a separate space of joy and connection for your team. 

1. Cutting Through the Stratification:

At times, workspaces can feel like they're riddled with hierarchies—where bosses are on one level, employees on another, and the communication channels often flow one way. To cut through this stratification, we need moments that allow everyone to shed their roles and connect on a more personal level. An article in Forbe’s mentions, “When leaders are more present and accessible, it contributes to trust, positive culture and people’s sense of their importance in the organization.”

We don't need a top-down one-way flow of communication, we do need opportunities to break out of these patterns. That's where Laughter on Call comes in—providing a separate space, a moment within the workday that feels different and lets people be themselves.

2. Getting to the Personal Connection and Stories Beneath:

Laughter on Call facilitates interactive and humorous workshops that prompt us to open up and share stories. Through improv, storytelling, and affiliative comedy, we unlock the power of laughter and vulnerability, fostering personal connections beneath the surface.

Oftentimes co-workers balk at awkward small talk or forced bonding activities. With Laughter on Call, team members let their guards down and share laughter and anecdotes. It's in these moments of shared humor that genuine bonds are formed, making the workplace feel like a community, not just an organization.

3. Your Solution for Workplace Fun & Happiness:

Being fun may not be the easiest shift in company relationships. That's where Laughter on Call shines! As an outside facilitator, Laughter on Call brings the humor, the creativity, and the ability to get everyone in sync, irrespective of their titles.

“Laughter On Call gets you out of your shell and improves your sense of camaraderie with both coworkers and management. It helped us all feel connected in a remote work environment.”

Nigel Erving | People Operations Coordinator| Button Inc.

With Laughter on Call, you create an oasis within your workday and organization. Imagine stepping into a regular workshop where titles fade away, and everyone contributes to the joy and laughter. From interactive improv games to storytelling sessions filled with shared anecdotes, Laughter on Call cultivates an inclusive atmosphere where personal connections thrive.

Invite Laughter on Call to unleash your team’s full potential! Often you need outsider pros to bridge the gap between hierarchical roles, experts who encourage everyone to join in on the laughter. Laughter on Call fosters a workplace environment where genuine connections and shared stories become part of the company culture. .

If you're longing for a separate space, a moment within the workday that feels different, and the chance to break out of patterns, look no further than Laughter on Call. Embrace the levity and lightness trained facilitators bring, and witness the transformation of your team, management included, into a unified and joy-filled force!