When's the Right time for Virtual/In-Person Occasions for Improv

Did you know even a single laughter session can induce a reduction of 36.7% in cortisol (stress)?

Strengthen your HR initiatives with laughter and creativity. Contact Laughter on Call to explore how we can transform your corporate engagement events and training into memorable, laughter-filled experiences, with actionable takeaways that improve communication. LOC workshops run from 45 minutes to 4 hours depending on your goals. Shorter is  best for ice-breaking and creating a sense of belonging. Longer sessions are for teaching tools and are anchored by our unique L.E.V.I.T.Y. acronym. 

“Laughter on Call's Happier Hour provided our team a new kind of happy hour with ample space to be silly. It was really nice to sit back and let someone else run the show and provide content. What a great outlet to release negative energy and tension!” – Kara - LOCKTON COMPANIES

Special Events:

Holidays: Boost festive spirit and camaraderie with laughter-filled celebrations.

Birthdays: Surprise employees with a unique, laughter-infused birthday treat.

Retirements: Send off retirees with heartwarming memories and shared laughter.

Employee Engagement:

Welcoming New Hires: Ease new employees into your corporate culture with a fun and memorable event.

Company Milestones: Celebrate achievements in a unique and engaging way.

Company All-Hands: Inject energy and enthusiasm into all-hands meetings to keep your team motivated.

Company Retreats:

Elevate your retreats with tailored laughter sessions that foster bonding, creativity, and collaboration.

We kick things off, and have workshops that support virtual, hybrid and in-person events. Virtual sessions include break-outs with LOC facilitators in every room! 

Skills Trainings:

Enhance training programs with interactive laughter workshops that improve communication and teamwork.

Our workshops have been taught at Harvard Business School, Duke Fuqua School of Business, USC Marshall School of Business, MIT, Yale EMBA program and many more!

Custom Needs:

Tailor Laughter on Call workshops to address your organization's specific needs and challenges.

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