6 Years Already?

July 10, 2024

Newsflash: Timing is big in comedy. Having an instinct for it is pretty key for landing a joke. Understanding timing is also one of the great people skills. It affects all kinds of interactions from marriage, to senior care, to even having a meaningful conversation. You could say I am somewhat of an expert in timing. But the truth is, I’m just like everyone else who hopes to control how situations unfold and is more often than not foiled by what actually happens.

That’s why when the planets do align, it’s worth celebrating! For instance, next week will mark six years since I launched Laughter On Call. Yes, SIX YEARS. I also happen to be in NYC this week so in advance of this anniversary, I had the chance to thank my mother personally for the inspiration. Not exactly in person, but (in my mind) as close as it gets.

My sister Toni had the idea to dedicate a bench to my mother in Riverside Park. I’ll always be grateful for this inspired suggestion. Many people like to visit a grave. I like visiting this bench. My mother was born on the Upper West Side and she loved her last apartment which overlooked the Hudson River. Hence the plaque, “Mutzi's View.” Which, even for a native New Yorker, is still beautiful. A reminder that this crazy metropolis sits on an island. One on which I have very deep roots. I sit on the bench and take all of it in.

But back to timing and celebrating! SIX YEARS?! What a wonderful milestone. Couldn’t have happened without three factors. The beneficence of the Rosenthal Foundation, specifically Monica Rosenthal, an actor as talented as she is generous. And indirectly, her husband Phil. In fact, if you love food and laughter and don’t know the show Somebody Feed Phil, watch it!

The second is my multi-faceted, smart and hilarious team of unicorns. They make me laugh, are full of heart and can throw a spreadsheet together faster than you can say “excel doc.” Lucky me to have had them by my side in-person and virtually for these years. Thank you Olivia Saperstein, Jeneta St. Clair, Nikki Ghisel, Stefanie Estes, Joe Kardon and Brian Rousso. Please google them. They run LOC, but individually they all do so much more.

Finally, there is no business without customers. It is our joy to bring laughter and connection to our senior communities like Watermark, Fountainview, and Jewish Senior Life, and our over 550 clients including Amazon, Comcast, Hilton, Bristol Myers, Capital One. And to people like you who read these newsletters and continue to support us. I also want to give a shout out to WBENC. A national organization committed to supporting female businesses that gave LOC an invaluable platform this year at their national conference.

And if you’ve been tracking our growth and find yourself laughter-curious, now is a great time to reach out. We have a full menu of ways we can bring more levity to you, your business, your parents, your teens and even your pets.

Once again, thank you!