Birthdays and Better Drugs!

I have a big birthday coming. I’m not going to say which one but it’s not hard to figure out. As Jerry Herman wrote and Bea Arthur sang in the song “Bosom Buddies,” in Mame, “somewhere between 40 and death.” It’s a lot funnier in a musical, but never the less I have much to be grateful for. Not the least of which is the new breakthrough drug Leqembi that the FDA just approved to treat early onset Alzheimer’s. Not that I’ve been diagnosed, but one never knows. Especially this one, who as most of you know lost her mother to the disease. How wonderful that there is now medicine proven to delay the progression. Here’s to my chance to take another trip around the sun and hope for all of us to be able to enjoy family and friends until we have our last laugh.

Alzheimer’s Association Welcomes U.S. FDA Approval of Lecanemab

And speaking of laughter, we are also excited to announce our 2023 partnership with Hilarity for Charity. We love working with Lauren Miller Rogen & Seth Rogen to bring light and laughter to  tireless caregivers and will be running workshops for them throughout the year!