Comedians Who Do More than Make Us Laugh

April 22, 2024

What do Pitbulls, The Cerebral Palsy Foundation and Comedians have in common in 2024? Comedians who care about them! Funny people who have put their talent where their mouths are to generate tremendous support! How lucky is Laughter On Call to have the chance to sit down with Rebecca Corry, Josh Blue and Zoe Friedman and hear from each of them what their organizations do? Very lucky indeed!

When I was a senior in college I convinced the school to let me go to London to figure out why they had a subsidized national theater and the U.S. didn’t. Yes, I was that kind of theater nerd. What it came down to, in my 20 year old opinion, was the monarchy. Not just that royalty enjoyed a good play with a lyre, it was how much they valued art - particularly the performing arts - for revealing truth. Who did they rely most for this? If you guessed Court Jesters you may have also been a theater major. My point here is maybe my destiny to not only be a comedian, but to dedicate my professional life to supporting them might have been determined right there in the stacks of the Victoria & Albert Library.

All this to say comedians using their talent to better society is not new. The three people who have agreed to sit down and talk to us this week are the finest examples of the power of comedy, not only to reflect truth, but to make a positive difference in the world. If you’d like to check them out before the conversation on Thursday, here’re some links!

Stand Up For Pits Foundation

Cerebral Palsey Foundation

Comedy Gives Back

As you can see I’ve retained my collegiate enthusiasm about this kind of work. The kind that feels like play, that makes us laugh till we cry, then makes us think, and at its best inspires us to do something.

Please join us. I know it will be worth your time and you can eat a sandwich while you listen!