Loc’s Beginnings

The great aspect of living in a city where everyone comes to realize their dreams, is that it’s full of creative people oozing ideas, good and bad. In no other city in the country are the coffee shops standing room only all day long. Whenever people visit and we venture out to one of these places for an almond-milk something, inevitably the out of towner, usually while looking for a chair will ask, “Does no one work in this town?” The shorter answer is, yes we do. In fact because many of us don’t go to traditional offices we work day and night. Or maybe we work nights because of all the coffee we drink all day. Either way, the wonderful e-zine Voyage LA features Los Angeles based people who had an idea for a business and then actually went out and created it. This interview gives you some backstory on me and explains Laughter On Call from soup to nuts, or more specifically from me crying in my soup with worry about my mother to the sometimes “nuts” feeling of running what has become a full blown comedy care business.