March "Madness" For Women in Business

March 16, 2024

When you hear March Madness most people think of the NCAA - and yet there's another kind of "madness" going on for women this March. The madness of celebrating diversity and inclusion! According to the Women's History Alliance, celebrating Women's History Month this year means recognizing women "...throughout the country who understand the need to eliminate bias and discrimination from individuals' lives and institutions for a positive future." Two years ago I was certified by WBENC, knowing very little about the organization's 25 year history of supporting all women entrepreneurs. And I do mean all. Their high level educational programs and introductions to diversity suppliers at major corporations deliver as advertised, often referred to as the gold standard of women's entrepreneur organizations.

Next week I have the honor of speaking at this year’s national conference. The Laughter on Call team and I are heading to Denver to celebrate all the corporations that have kept WBENC thriving for decades. We’re going to make sure that we not only create an experience that breaks barriers and builds bonds, as our ads promise, but also that every voice feels heard and every person gets some comic relief and feels seen. If you're in the Denver area and want to witness what joyful inclusion for women looks like head over to the WBENC National Conference so I can say hello in person!