Q&A With a Loc Comedian

Jackie Monahan is a comedian and writer. She has been working for Laughter On Call a little less than a year. I was lucky enough to catch up with her between her time with Carmen, who she makes laugh between 10-12 hours a week, and the rest of her jam-packed writer/performer schedule.

DKM: What do you like most about working for LOC?

JM: I like bringing joy to people.
I like being of service with what I love most, bringing joy and laughter to people. I also love how Carmen and I are matched. We have so much in common! Both from East Coast, both love Provincetown, both love chanting! It’s nice having a feeling of family here because all of my family is on the East Coast.

DKM: Is there a difference between making people laugh with LOC and the rest of your comedy life?

JM: Yes. For my career I have to be so wrapped up in me. When I’m with Carmen it’s not about me, it’s about her. I know this. I’m able to be fully in the moment with Carmen and it’s a nice feeling. I unplug the phone and I’m totally in the moment with her, which I love. I spend so much time thinking about me and me and me. When I am working for Laughter On Call, it’s completely about the person I am trying to make laugh, to connect with, and I love that.

DKM: What are you doing when you’re not with Carmen or doing comedy shows for LOC?

JM: I Just released my first comedy album, “These Lips.” Beware – it’s kinda raunchy! A movie I am in is opening in April, called “Wild Night with Emily.” And I am also always writing.