Alzheimer's, Tech and Apps, Oh My!

February 14, 2024

I can’t believe it’s been four years since my mother’s passing. Or that my inability to make her laugh would launch me on a mission to help anyone I could feel less alone with shared laughter. I obviously also didn't know that a month after she died the world would be shut down from COVID and feelings of isolation would be felt on a global scale. In the last few weeks hit by round two of COVID for me, I’ve been reminded - yet again - how essential it is to be connected with other real human beings. It was in this vulnerable state that I logged on to the monthly meeting of the Milken Alliance to Improve Dementia Care. And what an inspiring meeting it was! Three companies were introduced that, much like my impulse to help my mother, are using art, music and videos to create human connection at all stages of cognitive decline. These organizations support people with the disease, and the people who have the monumental, relentless task of caring for them. To my mind, they are using tech in the best way! By shooting videos responding to real caregiver challenges, figuring out precise singing protocols that support mental health, or providing clear, easily accessible advice, these companies and their services have practical, impactful solutions.

If you're in the throes of Alzheimer's,, SingFit and Roon can make your life better. While we're on the subject of apps that help people, I'd be remiss if I didn't include Wisdo. Like Roon, which has hundreds of experts with advice for a myriad of health challenges, Wisdo is not only a resource for people facing Alzheimer's. Their mission is to tackle loneliness in all the ways that can generate it. Wisdo pairs people together to feel seen and heard by someone with shared experience to help you feel less alone. And it's working!

Knowing about these companies and their current and projected impact makes me very excited about the potential for tech as a conduit for genuine, joyful support for people who need it most. LET’S GO CREATIVE PEOPLE!