We Are What We Do

August 31, 2023

Some of you may have seen the celebratory video we shot to honor our 5 year anniversary! It was a wonderful way to look back and appreciate our relatively brief history. Recently I had a call with a consultant who said, “Yeah, I saw the video and kinda thought, so what?” Ouch. 

But it did compel me to share the “what” of Laughter on Call! Great timing as we wrap out the summer and many of you are strategizing about how to get more and more people back to the office! So if you’re looking for solutions to this “how,” we are definitely the “who,” and allow me to share our “what.” But first, because it’s funnier, here’s what we are not:

  • Mean Spirited: We will not roast your boss - or anyone!
  • Theater: Our workshops are not theater classes, no prior acting experience required.
  • Stress-Inducing: We do not add to employee stress; instead, all sessions are designed to alleviate stress and foster a positive work environment.

What we are!

  • Creative and Fun: Laughter On Call improv workshops are engaging and enjoyable sessions that use improvisational techniques to foster creativity and laughter. 
  • Interactive Learning: Not just fun, our interactive workshops are highly interactive leaning into experiential learning of specific tools for better communication.
  • Team Enhancing: Our sessions and training strengthen teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills within teams.
  • For the brave we also offer Stand-up classes and Personal Storytelling workshops - both designed to bring levity,  vulnerability and the ultimate goal, human connection.

In conclusion, I must thank the aggressive consultant for motivating me to articulate all the “what” that is Laughter On Call. Next week, a new video that answers another pressing “how.” Help! We need people back to the office! 

*Photo from the office of LA City Councilman Bob Blumenfield